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Serving the state of Iowa, ACServices is in the business of providing accurate, non-biased and organized information to assist in making profitable farming decisions. We provide crop management services that are customized for each farming enterprise. The five services are 1) Farm Mapping 2) Intensive Soil Sampling 3) Crop Scouting 4) Integrated Crop Management (ICM) and 5) Manure Management.

ACServices has mapped and sampled properties since 1988. We continually strive to utilize quality people to provide quality service. These people welcome your inquiries about the non-biased information they provide farmers through their services.

President: Curt Raasch

Vice President: Neil Pullen

Secretary: Linda Renze


Mark Raasch, Odebolt

Rodney Daiker, Auburn

Dennis Zomermaand, Maurice

Vince Davis, Newell

Brian Hora, Ainsworth

Roy Bardole, Rippey

Neil Pullen, Sac City

Computer Specialists

Mark Bettin, Odebolt

Steven Currie, Odebolt

Jeff Raasch, Odebolt

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Last Updated September 24, 1997

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Odebolt, Iowa 51458

Voice: (712) 668-4285

FAX: (712) 668-4457

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