Updated:  10/30/2014 9:07 AM

Church Directory

Let’s make the new church directory special!  Trinity purchased a program so we could produce our directory.  The reasons to do an in house directory were; less cost, more frequent updates, easier to update; add pages as needed.  This means changes in how we get the material for the directory. 


What do you look at first, the pictures!  We need pictures of your family unit, would prefer digital pictures emailed to loistlc@netins.net.  We can scan a picture but the quality will not be as good.  The deadline for family pictures is May 31, 2012.

If you do not have a digital family picture and cannot get one taken before the end of May, there are photographers here at church that would be willing to take your picture on a Sunday morning during the month of May, just let Lois know (386-5249) which Sunday to assure that a photographer will be available. 


We also need family information to go with the picture and for the membership pages.  There is an information page in this newsletter that you can use, or email that information to loistlc@netins.net


Can we do extended family pictures? Since we can do what we want, I think we could use those pictures in another section of the directory (we still want just a current family unit).  It would be nice to see former members of Trinity.  Again please enclose details for that page only, name and any other information that you are willing to have posted (address, email, etc for suggestions see information page in this newsletter). Deadline for those pictures is May 31st.


If you have digital pictures of Church activities please forward them and the information about the picture to loistlc@netins.net

I am excited to help produce this directory, it should be an interesting project, and through the years become a nice personal history of your church. 


Smile! Say God Bless! 

Lois Rae Brant

Family Information for Church Directory



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Children Names
















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Phone Business & Name






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