Prayer Chain

Updated:  10/30/2014 9:07 AM

The Trinity Prayer Chain has been updated.  There are currently twenty four families involved with this project—Praise God! 


If you have a prayer request for the Prayer Chain, please call any of the families on the following list and give them the information.  The prayer can start with any of the names listed.  The Prayer Chain will operate using the guidelines listed below. 


If you would like to be part of the Prayer Chain, please contact the church office.




Incoming prayer requests:

Prayer requests may come from any source, and may start at any place on the prayer wheel.  If the prayer is   

starting with you, make sure the person for whom we are praying is aware that they are being prayed for and permits this to go forward. 


Include only the specific information you want communicated.


When receiving a message:

Write down the message.


Immediately call the next person clockwise of your name on the wheel.  If no answer, go to the next name until someone answers.  (You may go back later to inform those not answering, but this is not required.  Use mature Christian judgment on this.)


Pass on the exact information given to you.

Don’t distort or speculate on the information.

Don’t gossip about the prayer request during the call – or any other time.


After you have passed the prayer message along:

Pray concerning the request.

Don’t leave your phone until you have prayed, so that you don’t become involved in other things before you pray.

Pray God’s will.

Pray fervently—James 5:16b—you can be the instrument that moves the hand of God.

Use Christian discretion to keep requests confidential.


Thank you!



Marilyn Peterson 515.386.4396

Mary Merritt 641-755-2804

Denny & Ruth Goshon 515.386.2569,

Pam Mentzer 515.386.2086

Mark & Sarah Erickson 515.386.2702,

Peggy East 515.386.8454

Violet Hoffmann 515.386.2403

Phyllis Bunkers 515.386.8486

Darla Johnson 515.386.3551

Lisa Fredrickson 515.386.4393

Connie Carstens 515.386.3339

Lynn & Ellie Menz 515.386.8420,

Lois Rae Brant 515.386.5249

Cheryl Robson 712.652.3924

Laurie Walker 515.968.4287

Jean Alliger 515.544.3344 

Madonna Woodley 515.738.2189

Sherry Graven 515.386.2166

Caryn Hane 515.386.2801

Jodi Frederick 641.427.5266 or 515.370.4848

Pat Benitz 515.386.4062

Jill Wanninger 515.386.3175