Federal regulations (HIPAA) regarding security and privacy of patients are now being implemented by hospitals which affect the notification of clergy when members are patients in the hospital.  Unless you specifically tell the hospital that you wish your church or pastor to be notified, they will not let us know.  Please let the hospital personnel know that you want your church or pastor notified, or ask a friend or family member to notify us.

This is the only sure way for us to know that you are hospitalized.


Keeping You Informed:  If you have recently moved, changed your phone number, your email address, or marital status please give your new info to the church office.  Email is the quickest and most efficient way for us to keep you informed.  If you have not given us your email address yet, please do so.  Thank you.





Help the Iowa LWML get cash for your trash!  Iowa Districts East and West will be the hosts for the LWML national convention to be held in Des Moines in 2015.  The Iowa LWML has initiated an electronics recycling program to help defray costs for hosting the convention. See the poster on the portable bulletin board to learn about what types of printer cartridges and other electronics are being accepted.  Recyclables may be placed in the bottom drawer of the built-in file cabinet in the Parish Nurse's office.  (The drawer is clearly marked!)

Thanks for your help and support.



           LWML was held a week earlier due to Easter being on the third Sunday of April. The treasurer’s report was the reviewed. We had $475 income from the Lenten luncheon and Lenten supper that we served. The expenses were $196.40, so there was a profit of $278.60. Other bills that were paid were $26.71 for card ministry, $25.00 for MITES, and $45 to the Boone Zone for Harvest magazines and our donation for zone expenses. The group would like to thank all who donated food and/or worked  at the luncheon. 

     The quilting group has been busy, They dedicated 57 quilts, but had already given two to the international student ministry in Ames and one to Keisha Kopecky. Shirley Danielson also added six more that she had made. The quilts for Lutheran World Relief will be delivered to Boone on April 24. 

     There will many positive comments about the retreat held on April 6. There were over 20 attending. 

     Our group had decided to make 12 turbans for cancer patients who have lost their hair. Darla stated that there are quite a few that have been donated, so we will wait to do this at a later time. Darla has patterns to use. 

     The senior recognition will be on May 18. We have three seniors: Colton Day, Karl Jones, and Ben Erickson. Pastor has purchased books to give them as presents. Alana will need to reimburse Pastor for the books. 

     The group discussed giving baby blankets or quilts to Cheryl’s grandson Calvin and Tate Lawton. Both have a significant medical problems. We will decide on this at a later date. 

     Sue will attend the Iowa District West Convention in Okoboji in June. Lois may attend also. Ellie suggested that we need to encourage a young woman representative to go to the convention from our church. Two young women from Ames are being sponsored by the zone this year. 

     Our group is helping with the confirmation receptions by providing 2 decorated cakes that serve 40 people apiece. If anyone can help serve, it would be appreciated. 

     If members want to get news from Iowa District West, contact the following email address.

 Submitted by Sue Rieder









Our meeting began following the Augsburg study with 4 Elders present.


We listened as Pastor Jones walked us through a schedule of some upcoming events to refresh our memories.  


The communion server schedule was completed for October and we discussed the new serving arrangement and duties.   About a month ago it was decided that Pastor should lead and distribute the bread instead of following behind with the common cup.  The Elder who brings the common cup will now dismiss each table instead of Pastor but he will still give the blessing to the whole congregation when all have communed.


Pastor Ude will be leading the January 4th church service as Pastor will be enjoying a few vacation days right after Christmas.


The wedding policy was reviewed since the committee appointed by the church council has come up with a final version.  We looked at changes that were made and it will be presented at the upcoming council meeting for their approval.


Next June the IDW convention will be held again and our congregation needs to send a delegate.  Even though this is seemingly a long way off, District is asking for the name of a delegate as soon as we can find that person.  Please give this some thought as you read these minutes because you may be the person God would have to do this important work next June 21-23.  If interested, contact chairman Dave Pedersen or Pastor Jones.


We discussed the small adjustments Pastor must make now that Christine is working part time at the Early Learning Center.


A brief discussion of starting a daycare center at our church developed and Pastor shared his vision and enthusiasm on the topic.  It was mentioned that even though the Early Learning Center is full, there are private daycare people with openings at this time.  This discussion came about because of the possibility of job and population growth in Jefferson.  Our present facility will not meet the requirements for a day care center.


We need to get more people trained to help run the A/V equipment in our balcony during services.  We talked about some young people who might be interested in helping in this way.


We will need to have a candidate for the Elder position on the ballot this December because Matt Carstens’ term ends this year.  We discussed congregational members who might be qualified to fit this position.


Because of a letter received by one of the Elders, we had another long discussion and study of LCMS closed communion practice. 


The meeting ended with the Lord’s Prayer.


Respectfully submitted,

Lynn Menz - Elder


 Church Council Minutes—September 17, 2014:


         Chairman Dave Pedersen called the meeting to order at 8:03 p.m.  Pastor began with a devotion and prayer.  Members present: Pastor Jones, Mark Erickson, Ruth Consier, Denny Goshon, Lois Rae Brant, Trisha Easton, David Pedersen, Terry Johnson, Jim Giese, Tammy Brophy, Cheryl Robson, Christine Jones, Jack Frederickson, Lynn Menz, Sarah Erickson and Ellie Menz.

         Terry made a motion to approve the July minutes, which was seconded by Denny and passed unanimously.

Financial reports were distributed but neither the treasurer nor the financial secretary was able to attend the meeting.  Pat would welcome any questions via telephone.  Jack made a motion to approve the treasurer’s report, which was seconded by Ellie and passed unanimously. 

         The Elder’s minutes will be published in the newsletter.  They had visitation training and a discussion on closed communion.  There is a change in the way communion is distributed, Pastor will distribute the wafer, and the elders will distribute the wine.  They also discussed a vision of opening a child care center in the future.  Garion will be graduating in the spring and please encourage someone(s) to do technology in the balcony.  Matt Carstens will complete his term on council in December.

Pastor’s report was distributed.  A change in his schedule is that he is the parent in charge of Elijah on Tuesday and Thursday while Christine is working at the Greene County Early Learning Center.  Pastor will be on vacation Dec. 29-Jan. 5.  Pastor Ude will be the guest pastor.

         It was requested that all boards submit a report in the newsletter.  When the website is up and running, reports will also be available online.

         Board of Christian Education reported the library had been moved to the lounge.  Tammy requested that a line item by added to the budget for new materials.  Pastor will start a wish list.  Ellie shared this may be a good way for members to celebrate a birthday by donating a new book.  Trisha would like an invitation when the library is ready for an Open House.  The old library is being used for 7&8th grade confirmation and SS as their classroom was uninhabitable.  Rally day was a successful beginning for Sunday School.  The distribution of Bibles was well received, next year it is requested that we include the names of the children receiving a Bible.  Our offering will go towards getting our young people more involved in the church: newsletter, bookkeeping and technology.  2 more teachers are needed, but we have a list of substitutes.  Christmas program practice will begin next month during SS music time.  Parenting class is Sunday evenings at 6:30.  We are discussing Family Vocation and all are welcome!  The 2nd annual Reformation Festival will be Wednesday October 29 from 4-5:30p.m.  Our Wilderness Walk Lock-In will be November 7 & 8 for 5th – 12th graders.  Volunteers are welcome for both events.  Ellie shared that the IDW Jr. High Youth Gathering is October 25-26 in West Des Moines.

         The trustees reported that the old kitchen is in worse shape than they anticipated.  The estimate to replace the floor, ceiling and cabinets is $4,000 if hired out or $2,000 if we wait until fall field work is completed. (The SS and Confirmation teachers said they can wait.)  The handrail to the basement has been replaced with a longer one.

         The Member & Community Outreach board reported that they will have a newsletter article with pictures.  Teacher appreciation was verbally appreciated by the teachers, but only 1 written thank you was received from the middle school.  They do not have a date for emergency services appreciation.

         Mission board reported that they met and looked at their tasks in the board description.  The LERT trailer is at 412 S. Locust.  It has logos, and will be at the  Farnhamville parade.  Donations are appreciated.  They received an IDW ABLAZE grant and are looking for people in the community who have recently been hospitalized, people with chronic conditions, families with new babies, etc. who would appreciate a hot meal delivered.

         Parish Fellowship board was absent.

         The Stewardship, Talents and Gifts board reported that “Empowered by Grace for Faithful Stewardship” is available from IDW.  When materials are received, the board will evaluate how to implement them with Pastor.

         LWML is having a retreat on October 5 and its future will be discussed.  The $10 cost is for rent and meal from John 15 vineyard.

         In old business, the wedding guideline revisions were discussed.  Terry made a motion to call for a vote and Mark seconded.  Motion carried, with one vote against and one abstaining.

         In new business, we need to elect a new delegate for 2015 District Convention to be held on June 21-23, 2015.  Mark Erickson volunteered.  An alternate is still needed.

         Terry reminded the boards that nominating and budget committees will be meeting soon.  When we had a Pastoral Vacancy, 3rd terms were allowed for council.  Adding new people to the slate of council members ensures new ideas are brought in.  Mark Erickson volunteered the organist budget expense be moved to purchase library materials.

         The annual meeting will be December 7 following the Divine Service.

         Next Council meeting will be Wednesday, November 19, 2014 at 7:30 p.m.

         Meeting adjourned at 9:35 with the Lord’s Prayer.

Respectfully submitted,

Sarah Erickson, Secretary Pro-Tem