Federal regulations (HIPAA) regarding security and privacy of patients are now being implemented by hospitals which affect the notification of clergy when members are patients in the hospital.  Unless you specifically tell the hospital that you wish your church or pastor to be notified, they will not let us know.  Please let the hospital personnel know that you want your church or pastor notified, or ask a friend or family member to notify us.

This is the only sure way for us to know that you are hospitalized.


Keeping You Informed:  If you have recently moved, changed your phone number, your email address, or marital status please give your new info to the church office.  Email is the quickest and most efficient way for us to keep you informed.  If you have not given us your email address yet, please do so.  Thank you.





Help the Iowa LWML get cash for your trash!  Iowa Districts East and West will be the hosts for the LWML national convention to be held in Des Moines in 2015.  The Iowa LWML has initiated an electronics recycling program to help defray costs for hosting the convention. See the poster on the portable bulletin board to learn about what types of printer cartridges and other electronics are being accepted.  Recyclables may be placed in the bottom drawer of the built-in file cabinet in the Parish Nurse's office.  (The drawer is clearly marked!)

Thanks for your help and support.



      Lois Brandt led the meeting in Sue Rieder’s absence. 

     Treasurer Alana Curnyn reported payments of $85.92 to Sue Rieder for the six new round tablecloths and $31.79 to the Boone Zone for our monthly mites that were collected. The balance in our checking account is currently $221.75.

     Plans for the Lenten Luncheon were discussed. Although we have most of the food items covered, help for preparation, serving, and clean-up was solicited.

     Upcoming events in the Boone Zone were announced. The women of Trinity in Boone are having a Spring Fling on March 29 at 10 a.m. It is a brunch followed by a program. The spring zone rally will be held at Memorial Lutheran in Ames on April 5. Registration is at 8:30. The cost is $6.00 and includes lunch. Each society is asked to donate two quilts for international students at Iowa State. The program will be on the international student ministry. Memorial Lutheran is very active in this. 

     Other zone business that was discussed included: each society being assessed $25 for zone expenses and each society sharing the cost of the Harvest magazine at the rate of $20 for the rest of 2014 and $30.00 for 2015. Quilts for Lutheran World Relief will be due April 26. More details will be given out at the spring rally.

     Iowa District West Convention is June 19-21 at  Camp Okoboji. Sue will attend as the delegate and will pay her own way. We need to list an alternate also. Please contact Sue if you would like to go. 

     Trinity will hold a womens’ retreat from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. on April 5. The retreat will be held at the depot on east Lincolnway. The theme of the retreat is Women of God. A sign-up sheet was circulated. Women can bring a guest if they notify Rita Pedersen, Ellie Menz, or Ruth Goshon. The cost of the event will be $5.

     We will do the graduation reception again this year, but will ask the education committee to do the confirmation reception.  There are three graduates Ben Erickson, Karl Jones, and Colton Derry. Plans will be discussed more at April meeting. Our April meeting will be the second Sunday in April since Easter is on the third Sunday.

     Pat Benitz showed the group the Noah’s Ark quilt that the quilters are making for the Iowa District West convention this summer. Ellie explained the Britches for Boys project that is being made from recycled t-shirts. She also mentioned that their may be an in-gathering for cancer at the convention at Camp Okoboji. 








Council Chairman David Pedersen called the meeting to order at 7:45 p.m.  Pastor opened with a devotion.  Members present were: Dave Pedersen, Terry Johnson, Pat Griffin, Pastor & Christine Jones, Jeff & Tammy Brophy, Mark & Sarah Erickson, Lynn & Ellie Menz, Jack Fredrickson, Ruth Consier, Laurie Walker, Denny Goshon, Dick Carstens, Dan Benitz and Jim Giese. 

Terry made a motion to approve the January minutes.  Pat seconded and motion carried unanimously. 

Pat explained the Treasurer’s report.  2013 offerings were $55,714  below budget and 75th renovation expenses were over income by $14,446.  For 2014, percent of budget should be 16.67%.  Offerings are $3,431 below budget and 75th renovation income over expenses by $10,525.  He said he would have a report in bulletin boxes to show the congregation how 2013 ended.  In April, quarterly reports will be given to the congregation.  Jeff made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s report.  Ruth seconded and motion carried unanimously. 

Lynn made a motion to close the 75th anniversary renovations, which Jack seconded and motion carried unanimously. 

The elders reported that members have said that the sermon is hard to hear and wondered if side speakers would help.  Discussion included: Pastor’s microphone placement, strength of batteries, and volume of the children.  Pastor Morfitt will be back for the last Sunday of June and first Sunday in July while Pastor is on vacation with his family.  The elders approved Mark Erickson and Pastor Jones attending the Institute at Concordia University in Seward, NE July 28-31.  Pastor submitted his reports for January and February.  Jeff thanked him for his work with his family. 

Christian Education reported that Vacation Bible School will be held June 9-13 from 3:00 to 5:15 p.m. in order to try to avoid conflicts with summer school, swim lessons and sports.  The Bible Bowl was a success. 

The Trustees would appreciate input on the garden.  They did some repairs in the restroom.  We are not to put any salt on the new front steps.  The Fellowship Hall’s east door needs weather stripping.  When the parking lot is painted, the special needs parking needs to be moved to avoid parking over ice in the winter months. 

Member and Community Outreach reported that 14 Valentine boxes were mailed to college students.  Three Thank-You notes were received.  Mission Central is having a missions banquet on March 23 and ABLAZE grants will be awarded.  Cheryl Robson and Ellie will be attending.  On Saturday, March 30, there will be a 75th Anniversary spring church cleaning after church.  We also need a kitchen shower to replenish supplies.  April 5 will be a Women’s Retreat from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. at the Depot.  Outreach event in August will be to deliver treats for the teachers to each school building in the county.  A fall meal will be provided as a thank you to the EMTs and firemen.  In November, members will be asked to bring items for the ARC.

Missions reported that they had submitted a grant to help with expenses for the Wednesday evening suppers. 

Parish Fellowship had no one in attendance. 

Stewardship, Talents and Gifts asked that everyone be sure to fill out the survey sheet so data can be entered.

75th Anniversary Steering Committee reported that invitations will be sent in April to be returned by mid-May.  The food is taken care of, committees will take care of set up and tear down, the speaker is set and the history book may be longer than expected.

No old business to report.

New business was a wedding policy that Pastor put together from a copy of Pastor Sieveking’s former church.  This policy is in response to a church being sued for not marrying a same sex couple.  Much discussion was had and no one felt ready to make a motion.  Members were asked to pray about this and attend Bible studies to learn about being Lutheran.

       Mark Erickson requested permission to remove pews from the balcony to encourage shy musicians to enhance our worship service.  The choir chairs in the basement will be brought up for seating.  Ellie made a motion and Denny seconded and it carried unanimously.

       Respectfully submitted, Sarah Erickson





Trinity Board of Elders Minutes

March 4, 2014



The Board of Elders met for their monthly meeting on March 4th after the Book of Concord study.  All six Elders were present.  The Concord Study ended and the Elder’s meeting began with a short service led by pastor.  The service from the hymnal is called “Compline” and was a good transition to end the study and begin the Elder’s meeting.


Our first item of business was filling out April’s communion serving schedule and reviewing the schedule for March.  April has many communion services because of Lent and Easter.


The majority of our meeting was spent reviewing our lists of congregational members.  The membership has been divided into six groups, one for each Elder, in order to make better connection between Elders and Trinity members.  The membership lists have changed since they were last looked at due to address changes, new members, deaths, college students and graduates moving, etc.  Our goal is to send to each congregational member a letter of encouragement to attend Lenten services and inform them that the Elders are there to listen, serve and assist them if they have need.  We tried to make sure information on our lists were correct by using everyone’s knowledge to verify the information from church records.  As we discover address changes, etc. we will notify the office to make the corrections in the church records in an attempt to keep them updated.


Two Elders have recently sent Lenten letters to their list and the rest are in the process of working towards that end.  In the future we intend to address the issue of members not attending services, those who have moved away but remain as members, etc.  It will not be an easy task because we do not want to offend someone in the process.


Pastor put together a booklet outlining the wedding policy at Trinity.  He had given this to us at our last meeting.  We discussed our thoughts about it and made some corrections and suggestions.  This manual will be given to couples intending to marry.  It will make it easier for pastor to address wedding requests that might not be appropriate for a church service.  This manual is the result of the suggestion by our district president that each congregation develop a manual in light of the recent laws regarding gay marriage, etc.  The manual should soon be ready to present to the church council for their approval.


We discussed the volunteer Parish Nurse position that Darla Johnson has graciously reintroduced.  She has taken on this position once again and does not desire any financial compensation.  Pastor and the Elders are thankful this important position is again ongoing at Trinity.


The meeting ended with the Lord’s Prayer.


Respectfully submitted,


Lynn Menz – Board of Elders