Federal regulations (HIPAA) regarding security and privacy of patients are now being implemented by hospitals which affect the notification of clergy when members are patients in the hospital.  Unless you specifically tell the hospital that you wish your church or pastor to be notified, they will not let us know.  Please let the hospital personnel know that you want your church or pastor notified, or ask a friend or family member to notify us.

This is the only sure way for us to know that you are hospitalized.


Keeping You Informed:  If you have recently moved, changed your phone number, your email address, or marital status please give your new info to the church office.  Email is the quickest and most efficient way for us to keep you informed.  If you have not given us your email address yet, please do so.  Thank you.





Help the Iowa LWML get cash for your trash!  Iowa Districts East and West will be the hosts for the LWML national convention to be held in Des Moines in 2015.  The Iowa LWML has initiated an electronics recycling program to help defray costs for hosting the convention. See the poster on the portable bulletin board to learn about what types of printer cartridges and other electronics are being accepted.  Recyclables may be placed in the bottom drawer of the built-in file cabinet in the Parish Nurse's office.  (The drawer is clearly marked!)

Thanks for your help and support.



           LWML was held a week earlier due to Easter being on the third Sunday of April. The treasurer’s report was the reviewed. We had $475 income from the lenten luncheon and lenten supper that we served. The expenses were $196.40, so there was a profit of $278.60. Other bills that were paid were $26.71 for card ministry, $25.00 for MITES, and $45 to the Boone Zone for Harvest magazines and our donation for zone expenses. The group would like to thank all who donated food and/or worked  at the luncheon. 

     The quilting group has been busy, They dedicated 57 quilts, but had already given two to the international student ministry in Ames and one to Keisha Kopecky. Shirley Danielson also added six more that she had made. The quilts for Lutheran World Relief will be delivered to Boone on April 24. 

     There will many positive comments about the retreat held on April 6. There were over 20 attending. 

     Our group had decided to make 12 turbans for cancer patients who have lost their hair. Darla stated that there are quite a few that have been donated, so we will wait to do this at a later time. Darla has patterns to use. 

     The senior recognition will be on May 18. We have three seniors: Colton Day, Karl Jones, and Ben Erickson. Pastor has purchased books to give them as presents. Alana will need to reimburse Pastor for the books. 

     The group discussed giving baby blankets or quilts to Cheryl’s grandson Calvin and Tate Lawton. Both have a significant medical problems. We will decide on this at a later date. 

     Sue will attend the Iowa District West Convention in Okoboji in June. Lois may attend also. Ellie suggested that we need to encourage a young woman representative to go to the convention from our church. Two young women from Ames are being sponsored by the zone this year. 

     Our group is helping with the confirmation receptions by providing 2 decorated cakes that serve 40 people apiece. If anyone can help serve, it would be appreciated. 

     If members want to get news from Iowa District West, contact the following email address.

 Submitted by Sue Rieder






Elder’s Meeting Minutes

July 8, 2014


The Elders held their monthly meeting following the Book of Concord study with 4 elders present plus Pastor Jones.


As we do each time, we familiarized ourselves with the upcoming events of Trinity.  Most events were mentioned in the minutes of our last meeting and published in the newsletter.  New items of interest would include:


1.  Confirmation orientation will be held on September 10th.  Lynn Menz has agreed to teach the 5th and 6th grade class this year since a new work schedule prevents Carol Christensen from teaching this fall.


2.  Wednesday Church Night resumes on September 10th.  This year pastor hopes to have a short 15-minute service around 8:15 to end the evening activities.


3.  A Youth Lock-In will be held on September 12-13.


4.  Pastor Jones would like to add an Ascension Day service next year.


5.  A Wedding Policy committee will meet on July 9th to revamp a booklet of policy to assist wedding planning at Trinity.  The committee has been appointed and will bring their final product to the council for approval.


6.  Pastor will spend some time working on our new church website in July and August.


7.  Pastor plans to have Visitation Workshop Training for the Board of Elders on August 26th.


8.  We set the communion server schedule for the month of August.


As a final wrap-up, we discussed Trinity’s 75th anniversary celebration.  It was agreed that in general everything went very well.


We learned about the DVD recordings of our services that are given to our homebound and shut-ins.  It is a valuable resource for a number of our members who rely upon that recording each week.  We were told some watch it more than once.


We also discussed some member concerns that have been brought to our attention and closed our meeting with prayer.


Submitted by: 


Lynn Menz - Elder




OF JULY 16, 2014


Trinity Lutheran Church Council Minutes—Wednesday, July 16, 2014

       Dave Pedersen called the meeting to order at 7 p.m.  Pastor Jones read a devotion and lead us in prayer.  Members present: Dan Benitz, Lois Brant, Tammy Brophy, Trisha Easton, Sarah Erickson, Jim Giese, Denny Goshon, Pat Griffin, Terry Johnson, Pastor Jones, Lynn & Ellie Menz, Dave Pedersen, Al & Cheryl Robson, and Joe Wanninger.

       Ellie made a motion to approve the May minutes with Pat seconding.  Motion carried unanimously.

       Pat stated that we are not in a bad financial position.  However, general offerings are down considerably.  We have had gifts of stock that improved our bottom line.  The 75th anniversary celebration cost approximately $1,000.  Terry made a motion to approve the treasurer’s report.  Lynn seconded and it carried unanimously.

       There was no financial secretary’s report.

       The elders reported that they’ve met each month.  A first for Trinity was a double baptism for unrelated infants.  They have approved special services for 2014-2015, which includes an Ascension Day service on May 14, 2015.

       Pastor reported that he will be gone to the Institute on Liturgy, Preaching and Church Music on July 28-31.  He and Mark Erickson will be attending all days, Sarah and Christine will also each attend individual days.  September 6 will be confirmation orientation.  September 10 will be the start of our full Wednesday schedule: 10:30 a.m. Bible study, Community speakers at 4:30, supper, Table Talk at 6.  Each evening will end with Prayer at 8:15 p.m.

       Christian Education reported 30 children and 21 volunteers for VBS.  We had a young crowd.  The time change was a success because swim team and summer school did not interfere. The offering was $32.75. [Additional gifts were turned in at the office for a total of $113.43.]  We are slowly getting started on the library moving project and we will stay in contact with the trustees.

       Trustees reported that they met prior to the council meeting.  They walked around the outside and inside of the building making lists.  When all of them get together, they will make a list of wants and needs and prioritize the list: the area above the altar has a water stain, the area around the shed needs cleaned up, a Bunn coffeemaker for the kitchen with needed plumbing, lengthening the handrail to the basement, fixing up the “old kitchen” for a middle school/confirmation classroom, moving shelves for the new library area in the lounge, making a closet in the old library, fixing the flooring and ceiling tiles for Sunday school.  They requested better communication from others in the congregation to the trustees about projects they do that trustees will be responsible for.

       Outreach committee met and shared their ideas: a road trip to Eureka Springs, AR to see the Passion Play in an outdoor theater; setting up a County EMT appreciation meal; teacher appreciation treats for Paton Churdan and Greene County Schools on August 25 (congregation is invited to bring snack items on Aug. 17 and bars on August 24); have a free will donation for a bake sale at Tate Lawton’s fundraiser on August 3.  There was also discussion on helping the Diane Schultz family from Pilger, NE.

       Missions haven’t met, Merritt’s spoke last Sunday at church.

       Parish Fellowship no one present.  Lois reminded us that we need plastic forks and spoons, but no knives!

       Stewardship, Talents and Gifts invites the congregation to help fill boxes at ARC on July 28 at 5 p.m.

       Al Robson thanked everyone for their help with the 75th Anniversary celebration.  He asked when the sign should be taken down in front of church.  Consensus was to remove it when it looks bad.

       Old business: Wedding guidelines committee met.  Not all were able to attend but we did have good discussion.  We will meet again with all members before presenting to the council.

       New business: Trinity Lutheran Church has a safety deposit box.  It hasn’t been accessed since 2009.  Terry Johnson made a motion to designate the treasurer and chairman of the council as signatories for the safety deposit box at Home State Bank.  Denny Goshon seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.  The current chairman of the council is David Pedersen and the treasurer is Pat Griffin.  They will go in and take an inventory of the box.  Pat Griffin will update the bank every January with election changes.

       The Trustees would like a group formed to take care and maintain Trinity’s gardens and landscape.  Lois will send out an email requesting members.  They will report to the Trustees.

       Due to the Affordable Care Act, Concordia Plan’s health insurance decisions need to be made sooner and quickly.  Terry made a motion with Lois seconding that we continue with Pastor’s current plan.

       Reminder that the Vice Chairman will be contacting committee chairs about nominations for the 2015 Council.

       The next council meeting will be Wednesday, September 17, 2014 at 8 p.m.

       Meeting adjourned at 9:08 p.m. with the Lord’s Prayer.


Respectfully submitted, Sarah Erickson, Secretary Pro-Tem