Trinity Delivers Congregate Meals in September:  Congregate Meals provides a vital service to the shut-ins in our community.  Without this service they would not be able to stay in their homes, it is a balanced meal, and the cost varies by income.  Trinity supplies delivery people for 2 routes each week (5) in September.  We have some very dedicated delivery people but we need more, several people deliver two different times during the month.  For those with jobs, this can be done on your noon hour.  Delivery time takes about 15 to 20 minutes.  You pick up the meals by 11:00 am., and you receive a free meal as a takeout or you may stay and eat in.  If you are interested in volunteering for this very rewarding and important project for our community, please contact Lois Rae Brant at 515-386-5249 or email  The congregate meal site director also provides delivery people for the third route each month; you can substitute or take a whole week, or just part of the week. If you are interested in helping throughout the year please contact Donna Blair at 515-386-9170.  (submitted by Lois Brant)


Birthday and Anniversary Cards: "It is time to update church files to include all members' names, date of birth, wedding anniversary date, and mailing address.  This information is needed if you would like to receive a birthday and/or anniversary card from the church.  Also, please remember to sign those cards to fellow members on the table on the north side of the narthex".  Thank you, Ruth


Quilts for Homeless Iowa Veterans: I have been making quilts from old jeans to give to veterans for several months. This did not start out as a project intended for homeless vets, but that is what it has morphed into. While my husband, a Viet Nam vet, was hospitalized at the VA Medical Center in Des Moines in July I made the acquaintance of a social worker who works directly with 50 homeless vets. After talking with Sarah, I knew that this was where the quilts were most needed. During our talk, I mentioned to Sarah that I could get quilts done faster if I had help cutting up the jeans. A couple of days later the activity director for the vets in long-term care called me. She had spoken to her group of vets, and they wanted to get on-board with this project by cutting the jeans into the 6 1/2” squares needed for the quilts [100 for each quilt]. I was excited to accept her offer, and took her all of the jeans I had on hand. The jeans for this project have been donated by myself, friends, family, and members of Trinity. The Four County Tractor Club and the Audubon VFW have also reached out with jeans. A heart-felt “Thank You” to all of you. Your old jeans are helping our veterans in ways that I had never imagined when I first started this project. The homeless vets who have already received quilts are very thankful for them, and are amazed that anyone would spend time doing something like this for them. Every quilt contains one block that reads “Thank You for Your Service” so that the vets know they are appreciated also. My goal is to make at least 50 quilts so that each person in Sarah’s group has a quilt. I have made 9 quilts so far and have enough jeans to make another 7 or 8 quilts. I obviously will be needing jeans for some time to come. I can use jeans of any color, style, or condition. I can almost always find usable parts in any pair of jeans. If you are interested in helping with this project in any way, please email me at, call the church 515-465-3272, or drop off your old jeans at the church. Thank You.

Cathy Hammel, Administrative Assistant, Trinity Lutheran Perry


Mission Outreach: Denny and Mary Merritt, Trinity Lutheran church members are collecting Bibles and Hymnals for distribution on various mission trips.  If you have some extra Bibles and/or Hymnals, please bring them to Trinity Lutheran church, 801 West Lincolnway, Jefferson, during office hours. Denny and Mary thank you for helping with this outreach.


Sunday School: Mark your calendars and come and join us for Rally Day for Sunday School on September 7, 2014.  3rd and 4th graders will be presented with their own Bible during the worship service.  The Board of Christian Education will provide treats during the Lutheran ½ Hour.  Sunday School will begin at 10:45 a.m. 


Board of Education: Do you like children?  Have you considered devoting a few hours each month to nurture children in their faith?  The Board of Christian Education will be asking for volunteers for the 2014-2015 Sunday School Church year.  Our goal is for each class to have 2 teachers so you and your co-teacher can split the Sundays that best fit your needs:  Some partners teach every other Sunday, some teach every other month, some teach for ½ the year.  We use the Growing in Christ curriculum which is flexible for you and your students.  Please talk to Tammy Brophy, Anne Carstens, Sarah Erickson or Christine Jones if you’d like to learn more.


Bechtel, LuAnn Rae (Age 75) of rural Mead, WA, formerly of Moscow, ID, died at her home August 10, 2014. She was born March 9, 1939, to Asa Ray and Louise Peters St. Clair in Jefferson, IA. LuAnn graduated from Jefferson High School in 1957 and from Iowa Lutheran Hospital in Des Moines, IA, as a registered nurse in 1960.  LuAnn was the first person to be baptized at Trinity Lutheran Church.


Mailbox Update: We will be updating names on the church mailboxes and your box’s location may be changed.  Please take any information that is in your box so that you are guaranteed to receive it.  Thank you.


The TLC 75th Anniversary Books are printed now and ready for distribution.  If you ordered one, please contact Janie Hertel.


College Addresses: If your son or daughter is in college, please let us know their mailing address so that we can send newsletters, care packages, etc. to them.  Call 515-386-3517 or e-mail with their address.  Thank you. 


LERT Trailer: LERT Trailer is now in Jefferson.  Several people are going to prepare the inside with paneling and shelving and then it will be ready to be equipped with supplies.  Details to be provided at a later date.   


Trinity Lutheran Women (and friends)! YOU are invited to a retreat at John 15 Vineyard near Scranton, IA on Sunday, October 5, 2014, starting at noon with a delicious lunch and to relax, have fun, chat, study God’s Word! More details later!  Check out John 15 at


Family Vocation:  Are you a part of a family? (Everybody is.) Do you wonder what God has to say about your role in your family?  (A very common question.) Or do you just want to learn more about God’s teaching on vocation? (It’s much more than your occupation.)  Then join us on Sunday evenings starting September 7th from 6:30 – 7:30 pm as the parent group discusses Family Vocation, a book by Gene Edward Veith.  Please talk with Pastor Jones

Wednesday Schedule at Trinity: (starting Wednesday, September 10th)

       10:30 AM          Bible Study

         4:30 PM          Community Speaker

         5:30 PM          Trinity Supper

         6:00 PM          Table Talk

         6:30 PM          Choir

         6:30 PM          Quilters

         7:00 PM          Confirmation Classes

         8:15 PM          Evening Prayer