College Addresses: If your son or daughter is in college, please let us know their mailing address so that we can send newsletters, care packages, etc. to them. Please either call the church office at 515-386-3517 or e-mail to with their address.  Thank you. 


Trinity Lutheran Women (and friends): You are invited to a retreat at John 15 Vineyard near Scranton, IA on Sunday, October 5, 2014, starting at noon with a delicious lunch and to relax, have fun, chat, study God’s Word! More details later!  Check out John 15 at


Wednesday Night Suppers: Great time to enjoy some fellowship and attend the various events that happen on Wednesdays.  Need some groups or families to sign up to provide a supper, the sign sheet is on the rolling bulletin board.  Good way to earn money for your group or favorite cause.  First Wednesday of the month will be a potluck, be sure to attend lots of really good food.


Family Vocation:  Are you a part of a family? (Everybody is.) Do you wonder what God has to say about your role in your family?  (It is a very common question.) Or do you just want to learn more about God’s teaching on vocation? (It is much more than your occupation.)  Then join us on Sunday evenings from 6:30 – 7:30 p.m. as the parent group discusses Family Vocation, a book by Gene Edward Veith. Please talk with Pastor Jones for more information or to order a copy of the book that we will be using.


Apologetics Event: Peace Lutheran Church in Glidden, Iowa will be hosting an Apologetics Event on Saturday, October 11, 2014 from 9:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M.  Several topics will be discussed including Same Sex Marriage, Morality: Is it eroding?, Darwinian Evolution, Alien Invasion: Extraterrestrial Visitors or Extra-dimensional Nemeses. Discussions will be led by Gary Gruhn, Mike Gore and Rev. Jonathan Conner.  Call 712-659-3875 to register.  


Our New Mission: Quilts for Homeless Veterans: When Cathy Hammel identified the need and began making quilts for the homeless veterans, she had no idea it would grow to into the next “We Care” Mission project or that so many other caring people and groups would want to become involved. Our homeless veterans think no one cares about them. They are so wrong. Ellie Menz from Iowa District West to send out an email to her contacts requesting jeans, flannel, and other fabrics. The response to her wonderful email has been remarkable. So many generous people are anxious to get on board with this project to help homeless veterans. Groups are offering jeans, flannel, and other fabrics. They are offering to cut the squares and mail them.  They are offering to sew the quilts and quilts that have already been sewn by their groups. A thrift store has offered jeans that they have been throwing away, if we can figure out a transportation system between Storm Lake and Perry. Youth Groups here at Trinity in Perry and at Shepherd of the Valley in West Des Moines are going to help with the cutting and sewing. WOW, Thank You All! To those who would like to sew quilts themselves we say “please do”. The VA does not have any rules about materials, sizes, colors, etc. The homeless veterans are grateful for whatever they are given. The quilts made from old jeans were Cathy’s idea of how she wanted to do the quilts. Other people or groups can use their own ideas or favorite patterns. Finished quilts can be brought to Trinity Lutheran in Perry. With the wonderful response to this outreach, Cathy is contacting other VA Medical Centers and Clinics in Iowa to find out how many homeless vets they have so that we can set up a system for getting quilts to them in a timely manner. There are 50 in the Des Moines area alone. We know that there are a lot more in other areas. We just have to locate the people who work with them. In the beginning, Cathy thought that she had set a very large task for herself. Now, we see that indeed many hands make light work. We are blessed indeed. We still need supplies in order to make the jeans into quilts. We also need rotary cutters, cutting mats, scissors, thread, pins, and sewing machine needles. We will be meeting at Trinity Lutheran Church in Perry on Thursday evenings at 6:30 to cut the fabric and to sew the quilts together. If you are interested in helping in any way with this mission project, please contact the church office by calling 515-465-3272 or emailing If you would like to make a monetary donation to offset the cost of supplies and transportation expenses, please make checks payable to Trinity Lutheran Church and indicate “Quilts for Vets” on the check.  (This is great for quilting groups but also think about involving youth in your church. Put out the word, collect jeans and have the youth cut the squares. (Cut a pattern from heavy cardboard or thin plywood that they can use to cut squares)  Can be 6”or 6 ˝” squares.  Ask them to pray for the vets as they cut the squares. Then have the quilting group sew and quilt the quilt or send the squares to: Trinity Lutheran Church, 2715 Iowa Street, Perry, Iowa 50220.  God bless you as you reach out in this practical way to help others, Ellie)


LERT Trailer: We have been working on the inside of the trailer and are currently working to finish the shelves and cabinets at the front. The logos have been put on the outside and as soon as I get some pictures I will send them out to everyone. Since the decals have been applied, the trailer could be used for parades or events at your congregations. One part of the decals had to be changed: seems someone left the “r” out of a couple “Trinity” congregations, so we are correcting that problem. The list of the congregations in the circuit will be applied as soon as they have been received.  We have already receiving several items for the trailer. You can check the District website to find out what we have and what we still need. We have someone planning on donating a generator and when that comes through I will let everyone know. With all the work of preparing the trailer, we need your help. The cash reserves we had on hand have been depleted, but there is plenty left to be done. Please encourage your congregations to conduct offerings or fundraisers for this effort. All moneys should be sent to: LERT trailer, % Lynn Menz, 807 W South St, Jefferson, IA 50129.  If anyone wishes to donate and wants tax credit for it, have them give through their congregation and then the congregation can forward the gift to Lynn. Thanks for all your prayers and support.


Webb House Volunteers for October: The Webb House is a valuable addition to our community; it gives our children a safe place to hang out.  Trinity has been asked to provide 2 volunteers for each Friday in October from 8 pm to 10 pm an easy opportunity, the children are well behaved, usually just being there is enough, you can play games with them, or you can help sell the snacks.  Anyone can volunteer to chaperon; there is a sign-up sheet on the rolling bulletin board.  This is a great opportunity for parents with young children to see what Webb house is all about. 


Board of Missions: The Trinity Board of Missions has some grant money to use!  The grant was written to provide a hot oven meal to families and individuals who (1) have been recently hospitalized, (2) have a chronic health condition, or (3) have a new baby in the family.  Recipients of the meals can be members of Trinity, or anyone from the Jefferson area who meets the above conditions.  Meals will be prepared in the Trinity kitchen.

If you would like to suggest an individual or family to be a recipient of this completely free meal, please send an email to: or call Cheryl Robson at 712.652.3924.  In addition, you may call or email the church office and leave contact information with Deena or Pastor.  Please send in names of potential meal recipients until the end of the calendar year.  Thank you!  


Habitat Work day in October: The newest Habitat partner family is Justin, Megan and Rylie Saffell and a new family member due around Sept 20, the home that will rejuvenated for them is at 901 W. Washington Street in Jefferson.   The hope is that the family will be moved in and enjoying their new home by spring or early summer next year.  Trinity’s date to work day is Saturday October 25th will need to provide 6 to 12 workers along with snacks/devotions for a morning break then lunch.  Work days will go from roughly 8:15 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.    If the schedule holds we should be installing new windows, they should be the same size as the windows that were there, just new ones.  There is a signup sheet on the rolling bulletin board.  Thanks for your help. 


A New Thrivent Opportunity for Your Favorite Project: This new opportunity is a called Thrivent Action TeamEvery Thrivent member has a chance to earn money for their favorite project or charity twice a year.  You organize a team, and decide what you need for your project, it can be supplies for a fund raiser, promotion of a project, whatever it takes to help you succeed.  Get started by checking out Thrivent Action Team Resources and Frequently Asked Questions. It is full of resources and ideas you can use to help you plan and carry out your ideas. Within a few weeks, you'll receive your Thrivent Action Kit. It includes resources to help you plan your event. You'll also get promotional items to increase awareness of the work you are doing within your community. Additional items, including t-shirts, are available for purchase on The Store.  In a separate mailing, you'll receive a $250 Community Impact Card from a vendor. Expect to see the card in a few weeks. It will stay active for 120 days from your project date. As a reminder, the applicant is the only one authorized to use this card to purchase and pay for items that are directly necessary and essential for this project. Thrivent ask that you complete your project within 90 days.  Once the project is completed, Thrivent ask you to share your story and report your results. If you have any questions, visit or email, or you can call our Thrivent representative Janet Smith.