Updated:† 09/29/2014 9:25 AM

A Message from Our Pastor

†††††† †††††††† The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther is a man who is either loved or hated.† He is loved by those who understand what the reformation is about and see the truth of what he taught.† For, in his teachings, he brought back to the church a correct understanding of what our Lord teaches us through the Holy Scriptures.

†††††† This is also why he is hated.† Many people donít want to hear what the Lord has to tell us.† The Pope and other officials during Lutherís life certainly didnít.† That is why they put a bounty on Lutherís head.† They, like so many people throughout the world today, couldnít stand to hear the truth of God spoken to them.

†††††† What is this truth that is so horrible that people are willing to kill to prevent it from being spread?† Itís simply this; You are saved by Godís Grace Alone, through Faith Alone, in Christ Jesus Alone.† This doctrine of justification is the one on which the church stands or falls.

†††††† When you talk with people you will find out that itís not the fact that you are saved that is the problem.† Itís not even that you are saved by grace through faith in Christ Jesus that causes the world to react so negatively to the Gospel.† No, the reason that people are so opposed to the Gospel, and Lutherís teaching of the Gospel is because God has the nerve to say the word Alone.

†††††† The word alone means that the Gospel is exclusive.† It means that Christ is not one of many ways to salvation, but that He is THE way to salvation.

†††††† People donít want to hear that.† People donít want to hear that what they are thinking, doing, and believing are sinful.† People donít want to hear that sin is bad.† People donít want to hear that there is nothing that they can do to earn salvation.† People prefer to think that they are like God and can be in charge and do what they want.† So they will ignore, hate, and persecute anyone that tries to present the Word of God in its full truth because it reminds us that we are neither all powerful nor in control.†

†††††† But we need to hear the truth of the Gospel.† We need to hear that Christ has fulfilled the law perfectly as God demands.† We need to hear that Christ has completely paid for all of our sins through His blood shed upon the cross.† We need to hear that salvation is ours, not through our own efforts and struggles, but through the love of God who graciously sent His Son to take our place.

†††††† That is why God has given us men like Martin Luther and the reformers.† God used them to make sure His Word is being proclaimed in its truth and purity.† God used them to remind us that despite the fact that it is not politically correct to claim anything is exclusive, political correctness will not save us.† Only Christ can do that.

†††††† Pray that you are not tempted by the world to lose sight of the source of salvation.† Read the Word of God to keep you focused on the cross of Christ.† Partake of the Lordís Supper to strengthen your faith in Christ as He comes to you in His Body and Blood giving to you the forgiveness of your sins.††

In Christ, Pastor Jones