Do you have a prayer concern or praise to include on our weekly prayer list? If so, please give the church a call, 732-2379.



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Food Pantry Needs

Current needs of the Wilton/Durant Food Pantry are: hot and cold cereals, dish and bar soap, cleaning supplies, paper products and tooth paste and brushes. Recent collection of food items from Wilton and Durant School students collecting from their respective communities has re-established our food supply in most every other area. Those students and the communities are to be commended for remembering their neighbors in need.

January is one of our months to emphasize and staff the Wilton-Durant Food Pantry. Items needed are hot and cold cereals, dish and bar soap, cleaning supplies, paper products, canned spaghetti and ravioli, Helpers-- hamburger/tuna/chicken helpers, sugar, juice, and money donations.

FOOD PANTRY is open the first, and third Tuesday of each month at 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. and 6 7 pm.

The Food Pantry is located in Wilton near the Advocate News Office. Food donations can be brought to the church and weíll see that they get there. Thank you for your help.

September and March, is Meals on Wheels time for our church.

Members have already volunteered to deliver meals this month. If you are interested in helping the next time, let the pastor know...... Those 55 years and older, who could use a good meal , , can receive it at the Meal Site on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday... or have it delivered through the Meals on Wheels program.



Do you have a prayer concern or praise to include on our weekly prayer list? If so, please give the church a call, 563-732-2379...........or an e-mail to PASTOR, or the Editor, with the links at the bottom of the page.



Good Shepherd College Scholarship

The First Presbyterian Church of Wilton announces the beginning of a new scholarship program, the Good Shepherd College Scholarship. It will be for students from the church to give them support in the second, third and fourth years of their college education. First conceived by Marilyn Daut as a memorial to her husband Guy Daut; it grew in thought to becoming an ongoing scholarship by using that memorial and funds from a bequest from Paul and Imogene McCabe. At its origins this fall it included the memorial of Marilyn Daut as well. It is hopeful that the scholarship fund, first established with $25,000 being set aside, will be ongoing through interest that the unused portion raises and with new memorial and gifts being given to it. The first such gift has been designated in loving memory of Dorothy Moylan by her family.

This semester will be the first time scholarships are given, with several applications already received and another one or two to be received by the end of January. It is hoped that scholarships of $300-500 can be given per semester.

The idea of churches giving college scholarships is so old that it is new again. The Presbyterian Church has long held education as important to its members growth. But since the Great Depression many congregation scholarship programs have been dropped. First Presbyterian Church of Wilton is grateful that special gifts have allowed this to return as part of its ministry.




Helpers are needed for the nursery each Sunday . Also a need hosts for the fellowship time

Help Needed: Nursery volunteers needed. Please sign up on the sheet in the vestry.
Cookies for fellowship after church. The sign up sheet is on the counter.



Camp Scholarships are automatic for members to a week of terrific fun and a great faith experience. From an overnight experience of a Kindergarten -2nd grader and an adult to 5 different camps for high schoolers and much in between Camp Wyoming has much to offer. The Church will give scholarships of $130 for week-long camps and $50-75 for the shorter less expensive camps.

Our Mission

The ministry of First Presbyterian Church as a community of believers in Jesus Christ is to honor and glorify Him by reflecting Godís love, compassion and grace; by lovingly welcoming all - young, old and in between; and by proclaiming the Word of God and the gift of Salvation.


Our Purpose

Seeking to be obedient to Godís call in Jesus Christ, we unite: to support the mission of the Presbyterian Church U.S.A... To help one another to grow in Christian faith and understanding, and to act in Christian concern in the company of Godís people everywhere...







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