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Welcome to the netINS Basic Showcase Support site! In these pages we hope you will find all the information you will need to upload and maintain your Basic Showcase account. Keep this page handy when you run into snags in creating your presence on the World Wide Web!

The settings you will use for your new showcase site:

User ID: Your Username (the part of your email address before the "@")
Password: Your Email Password
Directory: .web (this is the directory that your web site resides on)

Choose the operating system you use and need support for...

Additional Help Sections
CGI Help Help with the Common Gateway Interface.
Image Maps Using Image Maps on Basic Showcase.
Counter A counter designed for use with Basic Showcase.
Date/Time A Date/Time script designed for use with Basic Showcase.
Showcase Resources Even MORE stuff to help with your Basic Showcase account.
Showcase Downloads Software available from netINS