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"Trinity Ltheran Church, Jefferson Iowa LCMS"
"Tash's Cool Web Page"
"Tauke Transfer"
"wedding photographer"
"Tonan's World"
"Fabrication business owned and operated by Tom Sieren of Keswick, Iowa. Design and engineer, erect grain handling systems."
"We help people organize information, and help them earn cash on their property that they have sold."
"Greg Keeney's Web Page - - Currently under construction."
"A wondourous place to hang out and be all technoweaselish"
"will make teddy bears out of chenille bedspreads, or a favorite material"
"Darkon Industries -- Pendorian Embassy to Iowa"
"This is just a test"
"Just a place to play with HTML"
"Five Tests"
"let's learn this thang"
"Exchange of family information"
"A place to share family events"
"Faith, Family, Career"
"information about the dates, places and friends of The Harvest Band"
"Showing and Fitting of quality Paint and Quarter Horses - we always have some for sale too!!"
"CLASSIC Seniors"
"old memories COLLECTORS PLATES,Avon,Centenial,Calender,and Misc."
"Ranch Web Page"
"The Roeder Family Website"
"a group of friends who enjoy ragbrai, football and other events through the comfort of an ugly primer gray bus."
"Seth's Homepage to many cool things"
"Christmas Lights Gone Crazy"
"first time web site project"
"come join our family and friends"
"Travel back in time into historical Belle Plaine. View photos and read stories gathered by the Belle Plaine Historical Society."
"appraisal service for farm equipment and livestock"
"Thompson Family homepage"
"Thornton Motorsports"
"Random thoughts on Software and Stuff"
"my web site"
"youth wrestling"
"Hand made furnature. Custom made to your specifications"
"Ebay Listings"
"My little spot o' insanity"
"Time Warp Studios Web Site"
"family update/Catholic icons"
"Tims Auto Supply your Carquest dealer in Bloomfield Iowa"
"Tim Smit's web pages"
"porcelain dolls, bears, crafts, gifts, wood furniture, swings, etc."
"Titonka (IA) United Methodist Church"
"Project Photos"
"Mostly pictures and family stuff."
"personal info, unix and linux users info"
"Houses and farms for Sale in Greene County and beyond."
"Personal home page"
"Showcase our antique John Deere tractors and gardens for family & friends."
"Site will be used to document our family travels around the world"
"Trailside Lodging: Overnight accomodations in Jefferson near the Raccoon River Valley Trail"
"Training Stuff"
"Dan Treadway's home page"
"Treasure Farm - soon"
"The reunion committee of Theodore Roosevelt High School Class of 1953 (DM, Iowa) is making plans for a June 2003 celebration."
"Trinity Reformed Church, Allison, Iowa"
"taxidermy Wellman Iowa"
"Familty website"
"TitanTV Images"
"Land of mystery"
"The Tuftee's"
"ebay seller"
"benefit site for donny tuttle"
"A newsletter with games, articles, recipies, and more for tweens!"
"Circle and Triangle"
"pictures from our family farm"
"thoughts from almost over the edge!"
"Antique Tractors"
"Tylers home page"