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This page is provided as a quick means to download software and updates made available by netINS. As of 3.25.03, all distributions now come as either "tar" or "zip" files, which all reasonably modern decompressors can handle. Windows users should download the zip file. Linux/Unix users should download the tar file. Mac users can download either.

We recommend Stuffit Expander, availabile from Aladdin Systems for Macintosh users and WinZip, available from WinZip Computing for Windows users. All Linux/UNIX users require no special software to unpackage the distribution, just the command-line tool 'tar'.

All software here, unless otherwise stated, has been designed by netINS for netINS customers and bears no warranty on its use.

Instructions for installing any of the software listed here is available at:

Web page counters

Standard counter [last updated: 03/25/03]

[counter.tar]    [] Version 1.6

Monthly counter [last updated: 03/25/03]

[counter_monthly.tar]    [] Version 1.4

Counter Configuration File [last updated: 03/25/03]

This file is included with each distribution, but may be updated independently of each counter. If you have an old configuration file, feel free to download a new one.

[counter_config.tar]    [] Version 1.4

Date scripts

Produces a standard UNIX date string
[last updated: 06/19/02]

[date.tar]    [] Version 1.2